Should we get rid of Myspace?

Answer No, myspace shouldn't be destroyed. Instead parents should pay more attention to their children and make sure they are aware of the dangers of meeting people from onlien in person. When I was young... Read More »

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Should MySpace be banned?

no way!! myspace was banned before but this time hell no!! myspace is the only loveable thing to go on, on my spare time!! so i would say myspace shouldnt be banned. and if u really really really t... Read More »

Myspace what should I add?

below is a list of sites for layouts, graphics, codes, etc. the layouts are usually divided up into categories. once you find a layout you like follow these steps:1. pick the layout and look for th... Read More »

Why should i have a myspace?

too keep in touch with all your close friends

Should I use this as my qoute on myspace?

It is very flat. Do you have to speak like nowadays and that way show your intelligence? Try something different. Try quote in intelligent way, not in "cool" way!