Should we file our income taxes separately if we are married?

Answer On One Hand: Filing Jointly Offers Many BenefitsIn many cases, a couple saves money by filing a joint return. There are numerous credits that cannot be claimed by married people filing separately, ... Read More »

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Can a married couple file taxes separately?

Yes, the filing status "Married Filing Separately" allows married couples to file separate returns; however, this often results in higher taxes. Many credits, including the child and dependent care... Read More »

My parents files their taxes separately but they ares still married. Which one should I use for FASFA?

Since your parents are married, you have to report BOTH of their income (Combine the AGI's) (combine the taxes paid) (combine the exemptions) just as if they filed together. The fact that they f... Read More »

Should I file my taxes separately from my spouse if we filed jointly in the past?

If filing separately results in a lower tax bill than filing a joint return with your spouse, the IRS allows it, regardless of how you filed in the past. Figure your tax both ways (joint return and... Read More »

Can a Married Couple Get Back More on Their Income Taxes If They File Separate or Jointly?

The Internal Revenue Service clearly states that married taxpayers will end up paying more income taxes when they file separate returns rather than joint ones. Therefore, unless you have other nont... Read More »