Should we elect school board members?

Answer On One Hand: Most School Boards Are ElectedNinety-six percent of school boards are elected. hose favoring elected school boards believe that elections ensure that the boards represent the will of ... Read More »

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How does hoa elect board members if quorum not met?

Your governing documents define a quorum. For example, it may state that 'twenty-five percent of the ownership must be present in person, by proxy, or written ballot' in order to establish a quorum... Read More »

Can board members submit other members proxies at a board of directors annual vote meeting?

Generally, association members may assign their votes to whomever they choose, and this may be a board member. It is possible that a member assigns an open proxy, or may assign a chosen proxy, usua... Read More »

How do i address the school board members&the school superintendent?

Titles for School Board Members and SuperintendentsSchool board members may be addressed as "Mr." or "Mrs." (or "Dr.) and their last names. If you are speaking to the entire board as a group, you ... Read More »

Roles of School Board Members?

According to the Washington State School Directors Association, being a school board member is "the toughest volunteer job in America." Unless they're appointed to fill a vacancy, school board mem... Read More »