Should we eat raw egg with milk?

Answer no thank you!!!

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Should I make oatmeal with milk or water?

Oatmeal made with water is fine. Milk makes creamier [but more caloric] oatmeal. I was raised on oatmeal almost every day when I went to school and I have been very healthy all my life. Drink lots ... Read More »

Should i compulsorily add milk in green tea or can i have it without adding milk also?

Green tea and Milk !!! Never seen anyone have this combo...Green Tea best without Milk and sugar...Ape recipe for early morning drink...~~~ Esc'apee.1 tea bag - Green tea1 spoon honeythin sliced gi... Read More »

Can anyone tell me the difference between cow milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk?

YesCow milk tastes like milk, the rest are merely scam imitations, rather than direct substitutes. It's like calling Mountain Dew, milk.

Should i drink milk first or have breakfast and have milk after that?

i'd say the milk is usually part of breakfast.