Should we eat onions and things like onions?

Answer I'll bet you didn't know that onions are high in potassium. Garlic is a cleanser, it flushes bad things out of your body. Recent studies show that onions can help with cancer treatment.

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How to Tell the Difference Between Spring Onions, Shallots, and Green Onions?

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Do You Like Onions?

i love onions, apart from desserts and breakfasts, i can't think of any ways to serve an oinion where they are anything but delicious.a hotdog without onions is like jacking off without cuming

Do you like onions Yes or No?

yes and they are good for you...onions are rich in the phytochemical quercetin, which helps keep the heart healthy...... Onions also contain a number of sulphides similar to those in garlic which m... Read More »