Should we conserve water in Seattle?

Answer On One Hand: Seattle Sometimes Has Water ShortagesAccording to Washington University, Seattle experienced severe water shortages in 1987, 1992 and 2005. In order to meet water demands during drough... Read More »

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How should I CONSERVE the most water at my home residence when I do this?

I have been considering getting one of these: http://www.chilipepperapp.comIt is a hot water recirculating pump. You connect it to your hot and cold water lines. When you press the supplied button,... Read More »

How to Conserve Soil & Water?

In any landscape situation, paying attention to conserving soil and water provides benefits to the plants and the overall environment. Plan the landscape to protect the soil and spare water to redu... Read More »

How to Conserve Water at School?

Conserving water to benefit the environment doesn't have to be restricted to your home; you can do the same at school. Here's how!

C4 plants conserve water by?

opening their stomata and admitting C02 only at night