Should we buy an automobile that went through the auction?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Get a Good PriceThe biggest reason people buy cars through an auction is the great deals. Prices at auctions are well below retail. In addition, auctions offer many choices.On ... Read More »

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MJfans/haters:If you went through half of what mj went through....?

Probably not!Stress can really kill a person.And Lord knows Michael handled more than a human being should be asked to." There wasn't anything strange about your Daddy. What was strange was what he... Read More »

How to fix a ipod nano that went through the washer?

A needle just went through my foot, and it itches like crazy! Why What should i do?

Soak your foot in Epsom Salts in warm water.If you haven't had a tetanus shot in the last five years you should go get one.Keep your foot real clean because there are so many germs now that you cou... Read More »

How to Start an Automobile Auction?

Auctions are a great way to generate auto sales. Buyers get to purchase a vehicle at what the market dictates based upon competitive bidding. Sellers benefit from auctions because they do not have ... Read More »