Should we be concerned about academic honesty&plagiarism?

Answer On One Hand: Intellectual Property TheftPlagiarism should be treated very seriously, as it is essentially stealing the thoughts, ideas, and work of another person and presenting them as your own. Y... Read More »

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Pre-Hypertension, should I be concerned about it?

You should ALWAYS be aware of your blood pressure. Make sure you monitor it. Recent studies show even slight hypertension can damage small capillaries in the brain as well as the rest of the body... Read More »

Should I be concerned about this?

It's only been a few days, usually yellow is the worst.

Is this something I should be concerned about?

Yeah, it sounds like a problem to me. You really might want to get an electrician out there to take a look, especially if there are other electrical problems in the house. I think the expense wou... Read More »

Should I be concerned about my macbook pro 13 in2011?

As long as it cooled down and everthing works (hard drive, ram, cpu ect) then you should be fine next time be carful also macbooks are all aluminum so that helps you with circulation when you most ... Read More »