Should we bail out failing companies?

Answer On One Hand: Larger Ones, YesBailing out some of the larger failing companies may be a necessity. If we let too many financial institutions fail, the global economy could see credit dry up---credit... Read More »

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Should the government continue to bail out failing businesses?

On One Hand: Bailouts Lead to Excessive RiskPart of the reason Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took on such risky mortgages, which were a big part of the mortgage industry collapse, is because the gover... Read More »

When big companies look like going under, should governments use tax money to bail them out?

Hell no. If they are that big, then they should know how to run a business the right way. If the government can help a big company that's about to go under, then it should also help small businesse... Read More »

How to Help Students Who Are Failing or in Danger of Failing?

No teacher wants to see her students fail a class. Some teachers may feel that passing a student who is failing or in danger of failing is doing him a favor. However, this is unethical and can actu... Read More »

How do bail bonds and bail agencies work?

If you or a loved one is arrested you will need to understand what bail bonds are. If you are going to use the services of a bail bond agency, you also need to understand how they work, and what y... Read More »