Should water make you stomach hurt?

Answer Must be polluted water you are drinking. Actually all tap water is polluted even though it is supposed to be drinkable but the pollution level is low in most cases.There are two remedies that shou... Read More »

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How do you make your stomach hurt in less than five minutes?

ummm eat ALOT of sugar and things with sugar take in alot of air chew alot of gum at a time punch ur stomach have acid things and have somthing spoiled like spoiled milk or something that should work

Why do slushies make my stomach hurt?

It could be how fast you drink them. Or, do you drink them after not eating or drinking anything else for a while? It could also maybe be an allergy to the coloring?

Does drinking vinegar make your stomach hurt?

That is common. I used to have the same feeling when I drink vinegar (not a lot, maybe spoon full). I hope you didn't drink too much, lol.. It will go away apparently. If you soaked meat into a vi... Read More »

Water and Empty stomach - good for health - why not you drink water in the empty stomach?

Thank you so much for the wonderful helpful advice you have shared. I will take on board everything you have said, and will pass on this information to all the peoples I know. Thank you for helping... Read More »