Should vegetarians take any vitamin supplements?

Answer Well, it depends on the supplement. Should you take a multi-vitamin? No, because you can get all the vitamins on a vegetarian diet.. but it certainly wouldn't hurt you if you wanted to take one. Th... Read More »

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Do vegetarians really need to take supplements?

No, a diet that is varied in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc. will give you all the nutrients you need. There is no need to take any supplements. There is nothing in meat that cannot be found... Read More »

If it's unnatural to eat meat, then why do vegans need to take vitamin supplements?

I don't need to take supplements, who told you that? I know people who are meat eaters who take supplements and pills a lot of pills and I also know some vegetarians and vegans who choose to take s... Read More »

As we Vegans/vegetarians get older how should we insure Vitamin D and calcium intake?

Vitamin D = go outside, your body produces it's own vitamin D in the sunlightCalcium = eat green leafy veggies. There's lots of calcium in lots of different vegetables. Alternatively, you can dr... Read More »

What are the benefits of taking vitamin b6, calcium with vitamin D and magnesium supplements?

There are no benefits other than avoiding the consequences of a deficiency. In fact taking some of these vitamins can cause problems depending on the condition of your health but for most people t... Read More »