Should thirteen year old's wear makeup?

Answer Thats the age i started wearing make up.But a word of advice don't wear soo much foundation that you look bright orange because thats what many of the girls at my ex school did. It just isn't a goo... Read More »

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Should a thirteen year old be able to wear makeup?

yes.. i think as long as your not caking it on.. you should be able to wear make up!

Is a thirteen year old allowed to wear makeup ...?

start her off with an inexpensive brand. i started wearing makeup when i turned 13. im now 20 years old

Should 13 year olds wear makeup?

my mom let me but i only allowed to were mascara and clear lip gloss.

Should 14 year olds wear makeup?

i think especially when your in teenage years everyone just wants to fit in and image is a massive thing in the mind of teenagers, i started wearing make-up when i was quite young and as the years ... Read More »