Should they have a world wide "Vandalize Articles on Wikipedia!!" Day?

Answer No, there should never be such a day.For one thing, it wouldn't even be fun in the first place. The administrators (like me) and other people who run Wikipedia would just have a mildly worse time c... Read More »

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Am I allowed to translate wikipedia articles in order to make new wikipedia articles in my mother tongue?

Not only is that allowed, it's encouraged. Just be sure to cite the specific revision you've translated.

Does anyone know of any wikipedia articles that they know have false, or lack important information?

Come on you gotta have better things to do than prove Wikipedia wrong lol

Why are they DELETING and EDITING my wikipedia?

Welcome to the convoluted set of rules and contradictions set forth by the wikipedo cabal!If you want to disseminate information without a bunch of people trampling all over it in an attempt to inc... Read More »

What kinds of people write/edit wikipedia articles What do they typically do for a living Are they students?

It tends to be anyone at all from any background. The only thing that ties them to the article is an interest in that topic or desire to spread the knowledge they may have. In my experience there i... Read More »