Should there be a curfew of 9 pm for teenagers?

Answer Yes because teenagers do not need to be out at all hours of the night they can get into a lot of trouble,even if they don't cause it.

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Why shouldn't teenagers have curfew?

they shouldn't because it limits the time they have to them selves

When is there no curfew on a driver's license in Pennsylvania?

Your drivers license graduates from a junior to a standard issue license on the day you turn 18. This means, among other things, that a driving curfew is no longer in effect.References:Pennsylvani... Read More »

Are there any online jobs for teenagers?

sell stuff on ebay, but i doubt u can make 400 dollars any time soon

Why should teenagers not be parents?

Ok so the bad things about this is that first of all, u don't have enough money to buy a house nor rent an apartment and buy living essentials at the same time. Secondly u have to go through ur par... Read More »