Should the smoking age be raised to 21?

Answer On One Hand: Raising the Drinking Age Saved LivesStudies show that since the United States raised the drinking age to 21 in 1984, alcohol-related deaths among young people have dropped. Since smoki... Read More »

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Should the drinking age be raised to 100?

Should driving age be raised to 18?

The driving age can be raised to 18, but what I understand that the brain never fully matures till age 25, so should we wait till 25, no. If the person who drives is responsible and has good motor ... Read More »

Do you think the driving age should be raised to 21 in NJ?

I would be worried because then you have people who are more independent and necessitating their own transportation for jobs or college, who don't know how to drive. When you're 16 you have the abi... Read More »

How deep should a raised bed garden be?

The depth of a raised bed garden depends on the crops the gardener wants to grow. Most plants need 6 to 12 inches to properly form roots. Root crops, like carrots and potatoes, need 18 to 24 inches... Read More »