Should the parents of the morbidly obese young children on the Maury Popovich show be charged with child abuse?

Answer Yes.

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Should Parents of morbidly obese children...?

Sheeesh. No. They really should convince their parents to buy healthier foods, even though some of them are too young to even know about that kinda stuff. Or too lazy. =( No need to get in trouble ... Read More »

Should the parents of obese children face criminal charges for child abuse or neglect?

Should parents who feed their children junk food be charged with child abuse?

Well, it's a interesting idea but not very realistic. You would have too many children in foster care. America is King when it comes to Fast Food. You would see them all go out of business and we w... Read More »

Do you think having children that are obese should be considered a form of child abuse?

I think one day it will be.I used to work at a fast food restaurant. I saw parents buying their 9 and 10 year olds meals that I would not have been able to finish.I remember one dad being pissed o... Read More »