Should the internet be closed at night?

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I just got an adsl internet and internet is running slow, should i wait few days or i should call my isp?

No you should not wait as the problem is likely to persist call you ISP and ask them what is going on maybe they can give you a clear answer as it is their responsibility to know.

Should nightclubs be closed after midnight why or why not?

ask someone else go to gs office and get his flashlight

Should adoption records be open or closed?

My finger is infected, next to the nail, and its still closed, how should i get the pus out Using a pushpin?

Epsom salts are great, but not everyone's skin agrees with them.Don't use a pin, if you don't like Epsom salts, I use this method on my fiance's constant nail bed infections (he bites his nails).Go... Read More »