Should the husband pay most of the bills?

Answer On One Hand: Husbands Tend to Earn MoreAccording to the Center for American Progress, as of January 2009, women made 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. There are myriad reasons for this dispa... Read More »

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Can I Be Sued for My Husband's Medical Bills?

Medical bills can push a family into bankruptcy. According to a study cited by the Associated Press, about half of personal bankruptcy filers cited high medical expenses as the debt that forced the... Read More »

Who pays medical bills for a deceased husband?

When the husband passes away with a will, this controls the financial affairs of his assets (called the "estate"). The surviving wife is not generally responsible for outstanding medical bills unl... Read More »

Is your ex-husband responsible for your son's medical bills after you pay the copay?

Answer This is a legal question. What does the court order say?

If your husband covers his stepdaughter on his insurance through employer and the child lives with her dad how does it effect him if her dad files bankruptcy on the child's medical bills?

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