Should the government enforce a mandatory retirement?

Answer On One Hand: You're The Boss Now.If you are someone who has worked most all of your life, a forced retirement may be something that you would appreciate. You would be able to reap the benefits of y... Read More »

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What is mandatory retirement?

Retirement age is frequently thought of as the age at which a worker can begin drawing Social Security benefits. While some people continue working far beyond that age, still others are subject to ... Read More »

Is there a mandatory annuity starting date for retirement funds?

Tax-deductible retirement accounts must start distributions in the year the owner becomes 70 1/2 years of age. The term, annuity start date, is specific to annuity investments, which may or may not... Read More »

Do you think prisons should enforce a vegetarian diet?

Hi Christy, My wife and I are both vegetarians - she's currently serving life in prison (in for over twenty years - home in 686 days). I'm not sure about forcing anyone to make a choice like ve... Read More »

How should I enforce "no shoes" in our home rule to visitors?

If they defy, shoot one of them in the kneecap with a 9mm firearm. If they continue to wear shoes in your house after that just burn your house down, shouting "NO SHOES IN MY HOUSE" whilst dancing ... Read More »