Should the government continue to bail out failing businesses?

Answer On One Hand: Bailouts Lead to Excessive RiskPart of the reason Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took on such risky mortgages, which were a big part of the mortgage industry collapse, is because the gover... Read More »

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Should we bail out failing companies?

On One Hand: Larger Ones, YesBailing out some of the larger failing companies may be a necessity. If we let too many financial institutions fail, the global economy could see credit dry up---credit... Read More »

Does the bail bond continue forever or can you get it back?

The court cannot hold your bail bond forever, according to Law Info. Once you appear in court and are either convicted or the case is dismissed, the court must return your bond.References:Law Info:... Read More »

Should the government bail out the auto makers?

On One Hand: A Bailout Saves JobsIn 2008, the federal government began considering whether to rescue financially troubled auto makers with bailout loans. These bailouts would keep the auto makers f... Read More »

Government Grants for Solar Businesses?

As energy costs continue to increase along with global demand for energy resources, alternative sources of energy are highly sought after and businesses which work in the alternative energy industr... Read More »