Should the government bail out the auto makers?

Answer On One Hand: A Bailout Saves JobsIn 2008, the federal government began considering whether to rescue financially troubled auto makers with bailout loans. These bailouts would keep the auto makers f... Read More »

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Why does the government allow car makers to sell cars that break the speed limit?

Actually some car manufacturers and governments are working on this. You can still have your different car makes and any size engine V8, V6, the technology is already here and in 2012 some cars str... Read More »

Should the government continue to bail out failing businesses?

On One Hand: Bailouts Lead to Excessive RiskPart of the reason Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took on such risky mortgages, which were a big part of the mortgage industry collapse, is because the gover... Read More »

How to Clean Auto Drip Coffee Makers?

Auto-drip coffeemakers are a practical choice for everyday coffee drinkers. Over time, however, calcium from hard water can build up inside a coffeemaker. This reduces its performance and negativel... Read More »

When drive clean programs were introduced to protect the environment, the auto makers were still producing?

I don't know much about cars or the transportation industry but any government will bail out Big Business just to keep the money in their country.Big Business is still using financial planning base... Read More »