Should the UK ban tax payers support of all religious schools?

Answer Yes, why should the tax payer subsidise something that hardly anyone actually believes in?. Children should be left to make their own minds up about religion when they are mature enough, not have i... Read More »

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Should tax payers or natural mothers have "empathy" for the thousands of Aps....?

No, I don't pity them. I believe that when they made the decision to adopt someone else's infant, they were saying that they were better off financially, emotionally, physically and in every way ... Read More »

Religious Correspondence Schools?

Correspondence schools have gained recent popularity as more and more students desire non-traditional learning centers. Some parents choose to allow their children to attend a correspondence school... Read More »

Religious Boarding Schools?

Religious boarding schools are found throughout the United States and other countries. Each school is different regarding class size, dress code and rules for students to follow while living on cam... Read More »

North Carolina Religious Schools?

Parochial schools are educational institutions that are operated by religious organizations and churches. The term "parochial" directly entails "in the parish." Apart from the standard educational ... Read More »