Should the Government have the right to monitor users online habits?

Answer no, any more than they should have the right to listen in on my phone conversations, sift through my trash, or stand outside my window at night with a cup up against my's privacy, and it's ... Read More »

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Do fat people have a right to criticise the eating habits of others?

its pretty rude i think, especially if you're not real close to the person.i get disgusted watching fat people eat. it reminds me of someone with lung cancer puffing down a marlboro. fat people als... Read More »

Parents should monitor their children online?

I'm guessing you're writting an essay. What are the pros and cons of monitoring your kid online? Pros: you can control what they seeprotect them from **** that might **** them upKeep them from onli... Read More »

I have a vertical red line on the right side of my monitor?

Without actually seeing it, I would dare to guess your monitor is going bad. There is an outside chance that you video card is going bad but from your description it could be your monitor.One thin... Read More »

Does the government have the right to seize property where there is a danger to health&welfare?

The government can seize property where there is a danger to health and welfare.The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution allows the government to take property under eminent domain for... Read More »