Should teenagers be held responsible for their own actions?

Answer Only if they are responsible enough to know if they did something wrong.

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What is the age that a girl is responsible for her own actions?

She should be smart enough to know what to do and what not to do by 15 or 16.

Can we be held responsible for a problem with house 6 mos. after sale?

In general it is the buyer's problem. Most of the time delivery and acceptance of the deed releases the Seller from any further duties, most likely he had his chance to inspect it before the closi... Read More »

Should parents be held responsible for their children's behaviour?

That is a debatable question. It all depends on the age and situation of the child. Obviously young children (from birth, toddlers and early adolescences) can barely think for themselves let alone ... Read More »

My purse was stolen in walmart in mi; are they held responsible for my loss.?

No.(There. nice simple answer. no name-calling. no qualifying remarks. just the fact of "no". Sweet!)Sorry that happened to you. It sucks to be robbed.