Should synthetic oil be used?

Answer On One Hand: Synthetic Is More ExpensiveWhile a regular oil change might cost $25 to $35 in 2010, a synthetic oil change can cost about $80, according to J.D. Power. This upfront cost can be a dete... Read More »

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Can Curlers Be Used on Synthetic Wigs?

When putting in extensions of synthetic hair, you should have your hair done in the texture that you plan to wear most often. Because synthetic hair cannot withstand the application of heat styling... Read More »

Can you use synthetic oil in a car that has used conventional oil?

You can use synthetic oil in a car that has used conventional oil. In fact, according to Mobil Oil, you can even mix the two types of oil together if necessary.Source:Mobil Oil: Synthetic Oil FAQs

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in a Car That Has Used Conventional Oil?

Switching the oil in a car from conventional oil to synthetic oil is a safe practice. While there used to be some concerns with making this change, the problems have been corrected.

How Are Synthetic Auxins Used As Herbicides?

Auxins are a class of plant hormones that stimulate growth and development in various parts of the plant. Synthetic auxins have similar structures to the naturally occurring auxins and are often us... Read More »