Should students be required to learn a foreign language to graduate?

Answer On One Hand: Foreign Language as a RequirementMany experts advocate second-language credits for graduation because of their additional benefits. At, staff members say learning a se... Read More »

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Should all elementary school students be required to learn a foreign language?

On One Hand: Academic and Societal BenefitsBilingual students often perform better on verbal and English language tests than those who know only one language, according to Kathleen M. Marcos of ERI... Read More »

Why Should Students Learn a Foreign Language?

Learning a new language can be a highly enjoyable experience. Not only does learning a new language teach you about another culture, it can enhance students' job prospects and knowledge of their na... Read More »

How many countries force students to learn a foreign language?

21 of the top 25 most industrialized nations in the world require school children to study a foreign language. In most of these countries, foreign language studies begin before the fifth grade.Refe... Read More »

Why should people learn a foreign language?

While people in many countries speak more than one language, the majority of Americans only speak English. Learning a foreign language is important not only for business purposes, but also for maki... Read More »