Should students be allowed to carry cell phones?

Answer On One Hand: Students Shouldn't Carry Cell PhonesCell phones can be a distraction to other students and teachers. When left on, calls and text messages can disrupt class with their ring tones. Even... Read More »

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Should students be allowed to carry cell phones in school?

On One Hand: They're DisruptiveNational School Safety and Security Services notes that cell phones "are disruptive to the educational environment," adding that this "has been the general position o... Read More »

Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed to Carry Backpacks in School?

A great deal of controversy has arisen since the turn of the millennium regarding backpacks in schools. Specifically, many school systems and administrators are trying to ban the use of these instr... Read More »

Are cell phones allowed on planes?

Cell phones are allowed on airplanes, as long as the wireless signal is turned off. The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) does not allow the use of cell phones on an aircraft. The FCC does n... Read More »

Why are cell phones not allowed in certain areas of hospitals?

Coming from the Medical Device industry, most medical devices sold comply with ISO / FDA / European / Asia electrical/electronic standards that do not interfere or get interfered by cell phones. Ma... Read More »