Should spices be refrigerated?

Answer Spices (dried) are stored at room temperature. Fresh herbs are best stored in an inch or two of water in the fridge or window sill.

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Do Sweet Potatoes Last Longer Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated?

A sweet potato, sometimes referred to as a yam, is only very distantly related to a regular white potato. The relationship between a true yam, found in Asia, and a sweet potato is even more distant... Read More »

Should red wine be refrigerated after opening?

While an old red wine (20 to 50 years of age) may not last until the next day once you open the bottle, according to master sommelier Angelo Tavernaro, you should refrigerate a younger wine to prol... Read More »

Should battery's get refrigerated so they last longer?

Because the inside of the oven is designed to reflect and concentrate the microwaves where they want them. Metal you put inside would reflect the waves unpredictably and could cause very high level... Read More »

What temperature should white wine be refrigerated at?

Known as "cellar temperature," the ideal temperature for storing white wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit, according to When refrigerating a full-bodied white wine (such as a white burg... Read More »