Should smokers be treated for lung cancer?

Answer Yes! We pay tax on cigarettes so why shouldn't we be allowed treatment?If smokers were to be denied treatment, you may as well stop fat people from having heart operations, drivers from having trea... Read More »

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How come some smokers get lung cancer and some never do?

Hmmm. Men are 23 times more likely to develop lung cancers if they are chronic cigarette smokers. That is not a mere association. That is an overwhelming cause and effect.Malignancies are far mo... Read More »

Is this how smokers get lung cancer?

Its a crude analogy. The first person is right, its not an infection, but you are right that once the cell mutates, it starts dividing itself and multiplies into millions of cancerous cells.But sp... Read More »

What percentage of non-smokers get lung cancer?

The message has always been clear. Cigarette smokers are the only ones who get lung cancer. This, however, is sadly false. According to Dr. Heather Wakelee (Division of Medical Oncology, Stanford U... Read More »

How many smokers develop lung cancer?

Smoking causes 130,000 cancer deaths each year, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The risk of developing lung cancer for each individual smoker depends on several factors, in... Read More »