Should school face mandatory drug test?

Answer the child has to be 13 to be a passenger

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Why should school drug test?

Technically no! Unless the 17 year old is now 18 and has a job, and a place to live along with many other things. I think the best thing to go it go talk to a teacher, ask for help and tell them th... Read More »

Does hookah show up in.a drug test i got this like pen thing and my mom is gonna drug test me plx help cuz?

It depends on it they are testing for the drug you are using.

Reasons Why School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory?

Children, teenagers and adults alike like to express themselves through the clothes and accessories they wear. But when it comes to school, there are definite benefits to having mandatory uniforms ... Read More »

Do you think seatbelts on school buses should be mandatory?

If they make the bus safer....for a few dollars's ridiculous if they aren't mandatory already.Just the fact that they would keep kids seated during the ride probably makes it worth having.