Should restaurants get rid of kids meals?

Answer I'm for that.One of our favorite hang-outs does let all ages order the senior specials, but depending on the server they don't include the free dessert if you aren't a senior, which is fine since i... Read More »

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Why do restaurants give out stupid crayons with their kids' meals?

i think those crayons are fun but sometimes the mazes are too difficult and i have problems getting the duck to the pond.

How to Order Atkins Friendly Meals at Restaurants?

Eating the Atkins way is often counterintuitive to what is on the restaurant menu. For instance, most restaurants serve high-carb side dishes like bread, rice and potatoes. Learn how to order your ... Read More »

True or false: Restaurants serve big meals to justify their big prices, whether you eat it or not.?

No they serve big meals because we demand it. Getting a bigger portion makes us feel like we are getting our money's worth from our meal, when in fact what we are really getting from our big meal i... Read More »

Vegetarian meals for kids, any ideas?

It always fascinates me when these questions come up and you get all the poorly educated people coming out of the woodwork trying to profess that they know better than the experts. The fact is tha... Read More »