Should professional athletes have to take drug tests?

Answer yes to make sure there not on drugs or anything. if there gonna be professional they have to be clean and healthy

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Should all professional athletes be tested for performance enhancing drugs?

On One Hand: Use Is So Rampant Testing RequiredThe argument that all professional athletes should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs may be best made by an athlete himself. Suggesting use of... Read More »

Dies alcohol show on drug tests If so how long does it take to clear out of your body?

alcohol is a separtate test.. as are each drug but they can be lumped together in a "panel" and one sample used for many of them.alcohol clears at roughly one portion per hour to hour and half d... Read More »

Do adoptive parents have to under go drug tests?

As of May, 2010, there are no laws in place that require drug testing of adoptive parents. Adoption agencies may require that birth parents consent to drug and background checks, the results of whi... Read More »

I have a drug test to take by the end of this week. i smoke weed. whats should use to clean my system?