Should pressure treated wood be pressure washed?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Best Not ToDue to the chemical nature of pressure-treated wood, it is best not to wash treated wood with a pressure washer. This is due to the fact the pressure washer will force... Read More »

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Is pressure treated wood...?

Look at the label on the wood!It will be listed as "Suitable for ground contact" or "Not suitable for ground contact" or "Above Ground".Unless listed for Ground Contact, it should touch neither gra... Read More »

Does pressure treated wood rot?

Pressure treated wood contains infused preservatives that prevent rotting. However, it is still susceptible to moisture damage, warping, cracking and splintering over time. Coating the wood with a ... Read More »

What is pressure treated wood?

Pressure-treated wood is wood that has been chemically processed and treated to make it resistant to fungus, moisture damage and pests. Pressure-treated wood is primarily used as an outdoor buildin... Read More »

When can you stain pressure treated wood?

On One Hand: Stain as soon as possibleYou want to protect your pressure-treated wood from sunlight's harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. A quality wood stain will protect from UV rays, and will also se... Read More »