Should pregnant school girls stay go to school whilst pregnant?

Answer Yes of course. Pregnant women go to work. You are pregnant not sick and there is nothing preventing you from studying. If there is a "teen pregnant culture" in the school this should not go out ove... Read More »

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You want to know where your pregnant teenage daughter can further her high school while pregnant?

No you should have your baby first and then think of your education much later.

Where can a 16-year-old who is very scared get help when her father gets her pregnant and should she still go to school?

Answer: A little Tidbit.... Listen and read all these answers...they are all right. And most of all don't be ashamed of what happened to you. I know what you are going through. There are girls all ... Read More »

What should you do if you are 13-years-old and eight months pregnant and your parents left you at a school for unwed mothers while you were interviewing and now you are all alone?

Keep the baby. Can you imagine seeing your child with someone else in the supermarket 10 years later. You have a 2 year old and you remember and think "I Wish I could have changed my mind." Please,... Read More »

How to Stay Orginized at School for Girls?

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