Should people be tested before having kids?

Answer Should they? Yes; most new parents have no idea what they are doing and are unprepared for the job.Is it ethical and moral to do so? Well, no, not really.

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I tested my five yr old daughter before breakfast and her blood sugar level was 188,what should I do?

Its a possibility. Please make an appointment with the doctor right away. I hope everything is okay.

My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?

Yes. One way to think about this question (and many other health questions) is this way: "If I have the disease, what are the risks to me and/or others if I don't know?" For certain diseases, the... Read More »

Should kids be having sex at ages 10-17?

Arguments For Overall, most people feel kids under 16 years old should not be having sex. If they are 15 or above, they should be allowed, as long as they are mentally mature, using protection, and... Read More »

Why should you take a break before having a next child?

If we talk about adopting another child there should be time apart since that child comes with bagage unlike your biological children. They need time to bond with you without competition. They need... Read More »