Should parents let there kids do what they want?

Answer No.Another opinion:I think that its up to the parents to choose how they will raise their children. However I would be very "hands off" of my children when I believe they can act on their own. When... Read More »

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Why do parents not want there kids to have sex?

Because they only want there kids to have sex from the ages 18 and up

Should kids be allowed to go anywhere they want with their friends?

Maybe under adult supervision. but the parents need to trust their friend and their child might get ditched

Should adopted kids have the right to know who there birth parents are?

Absolutely, 100% yes.Adoption doesn't erase the fact that this child has a mother and a father who created them, a mother who carried them, nurtured them, gave birth to them and who is still their ... Read More »

How old does a child need to be to decide where child want's to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?