Should parents control what teenagers view or listen to?

Answer The goblin thing is Oleg's deception of the pedophiles.

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Are parents against birth control for teenagers?

On One Hand: Some Parents Oppose Birth Control for TeenagersSome parents are against birth control for teenagers for a variety of reasons, such as religious beliefs and health issues. Catholic par... Read More »

Why should teenagers not be parents?

Ok so the bad things about this is that first of all, u don't have enough money to buy a house nor rent an apartment and buy living essentials at the same time. Secondly u have to go through ur par... Read More »

What radio station do teenagers mainly listen to in the UK?

How much control should parents have over children?

More in the younger years, gradually less as they mature to adulthood. Until they reach the age of majority, either 18 or 21, parents are still legally responsible for their children, and need to b... Read More »