Should parents be required to immunize their children?

Answer This is the USA. We are not under a dictatorship. Parents take their chances with their childrens health if they chose not to immunize.

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Should parents continue to finance their children after the children are 18?

Maybe assist them, but not totally finance everything. There are too many negative side effects of doing that. **There were a lot of children in my family, so we had to finance everything ourselves... Read More »

How should children repay their parents?

In my opinion, children should have chores to do to repay their parents. It's not physical money, but making a house look nice and smell nice is good for having company. For example, they could cle... Read More »

When should children not obey their parents?

When your parents say something for you to follow even though its bad.

Parents should monitor their children online?

I'm guessing you're writting an essay. What are the pros and cons of monitoring your kid online? Pros: you can control what they seeprotect them from **** that might **** them upKeep them from onli... Read More »