Should parents always be busy working?

Answer No they shouldn't.

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How to Look Busy at Work Without Really Working?

If you're getting paid to do something, you should do it, and do it well. But is it always that simple? What if you have a vague job description, a haphazard workload, and a very strict boss who is... Read More »

Why is the circle thing on the pointer which tells you that windows is busy not working?

That would be annoying.How odd, I wonder if changing to a different cursor would help, I like the plain old arrow & hour glass, anything else makes my computer think to much.I think there may be an... Read More »

For those of us too busy to go a bar or liquor store, what are some good lunch options on a busy workday?

Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them. You can peel away to your heart's content at the dwsk and they will think you are nothing more than a health nut and a workaholic. When you finally pass o... Read More »

Suggestions for Working With Unsupportive Parents?

Parents play a vital role in the academic success of their children. Ideally, parents should provide a healthy and loving home atmosphere, help students with school work, take an active role in the... Read More »