Should parenting of children be legalized?

Answer how do i go on about getting a resident order

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Parenting Tips for Difficult Children?

A child with an uncooperative personality can be very difficult to parent. This type of child may be emotionally volatile, physically violent, oppositional, or defiant. Common discipline techniques... Read More »

What are the importance of family planning in parenting and children?

It is also very significant for women so they can plan their life and education and happy

Examples of parenting program for children with special needs?

Answer Talk to someone you feel close to. The boyfriend, or the father of the baby first. Then if you want to talk to somebody about your feelings, or what to do, then call a hotline, or go to a pl... Read More »

The Effects of Baumrind's 4 Parenting Styles on Children?

Developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind made a name for herself in the 1960s with her child care research study. This study allowed her to determine three distinct parenting styles and how these ... Read More »