Should pain -- Serious or not?

Answer Homeopathy :-Your conditions call for the remedies ARNICA 200C and RHUS TOX 200C To start with you can take them a dose every 30 minutes till you start feeling relief after that just once a day wil... Read More »

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Serious pain in my right arm and shoulder...Pinched nerve...what should i do?

If you have a pinched nerve and it is servere then only a Dr can tell what and where it is happening. You could have pulled a muscle in which case you might have this pain for a couple of weeks an... Read More »

Sinus infection and serious pain?

Deep sympathies - am suffering the same and it gets so bad you feel you could do something very drastic - but am hanging in there and trust you will do the same(!). (Occasionally have to howl with... Read More »

Serious Q regarding hip/groin pain...?…is a link you should take a look at. I think you have a groin pull injury, based on what you've written.However, since the injury was as severe as you sa... Read More »


You need to put ice on it and hold it above your head. The ice will help the bruising you caused by pulling on it, and holding it above your head will relieve the blood pressure to the finger.