Should or shouldn't the prefix "Doctor" on Y/A be screened and verified?

Answer Doctor comes from the latin Docere meaning to teach. It was a title given to people of a higher level of learning. The title changed to Phd because several hundred years ago somebody decided to gi... Read More »

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How Is FHA VOR Verified?

Shelter is a main requirement for survival, so keeping a roof over their head is the first priority for most Americans. If a potential borrower has a prior history of not meeting their housing obli... Read More »

What does payment verified mean?

To have a payment verified is a bank's or a financial firm's way of making sure that you know your payment has been made. The verification usually comes with proof of a transaction, such a receipt.... Read More »

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a new service offered by the credit card company to reduce the amount of fraudulent credit card purchases made online and give users more control over the security of their cred... Read More »

What does"TorrentBox verified"mean?

"TorrentBox verified" means that the file sharing site Torrentbox has checked and analyzed the song, movie or video that you downloaded and found it to be free from viruses, trojans or other danger... Read More »