Should or shouldn't the prefix "Doctor" on Y/A be screened and verified?

Answer Doctor comes from the latin Docere meaning to teach. It was a title given to people of a higher level of learning. The title changed to Phd because several hundred years ago somebody decided to gi... Read More »

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How much should I pay per ton for screened topsoil?

Prices vary depending on location and availability, but currently the market value for a ton of screened topsoil is between $15 and $19. Additional costs apply for delivery. Screened topsoil also i... Read More »

What does a cheek piercing look like when its out and why should and shouldnt i get it done?

It looks like someone poked a 14g hole in a dimple. Cheek piercings undergo a lot of flexing and tugging durring daily life, so they heal up with a sturdy opening that is very visible while they ar... Read More »

You just got 3 yards of screened loam What size garden should you plan?

yes, which is why you have to replace it every year or so

My doctor said I should have at most two martinis a night. What should the other 12 drinks be?

one burboun, one scotch and ten beers!!!!!