Should nuclear energy be used as power?

Answer On One Hand: Reliable and CleanerNuclear power can be relied on to produce power around the clock. Wind or solar power only produces power for part of the day. Nuclear power emits water into the ai... Read More »

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What device in a nuclear power plant creates nuclear energy?

Nuclear power plants contain reactors, which are the devices that create the nuclear energy. The plants use the heat generated by the reactors to vaporize water which then rotates turbines to creat... Read More »

Is nuclear power a renewable energy source?

Most nuclear power plants use a particular type of uranium, U-235, to create energy through nuclear fission, or splitting the uranium atoms apart. U-235 is not a renewable resource. Nuclear power i... Read More »

Why Is Energy Released in a Nuclear Power Plant?

Nuclear energy is an important source of clean energy. According to the World Nuclear Association, at the time of publication, 440 nuclear reactors are in operation around the world. These reactors... Read More »

How much energy can a nuclear power plant put out?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2008, each of the country's nuclear power plants produced an average of 12.4 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. As of 2010, nuc... Read More »