Should "naturopathic" or "homeopathic" quack advice be allowed and tolerated in the cancer section?

Answer They're not tolerated; there are a number of us who make it our business to challenge such claims whenever they're made in this section.Nobody wishes more than I do that well-meaning but ill-inform... Read More »

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Has anyone a homeopathic method to beat Uterus and Cervical Cancer?

I just looked at your profile so I know you live in Canada. You'd be wise to check some notable hospitals in the U.S. It's for this very same reason I dislike Obama trying to socialize America.Wh... Read More »

Would you rely on homeopathic treatments (ie water) to treat your cancer like Penelope Dingle did?

I wouldn't, and didn't.I'd defend anyone's right to choose whatever treatment they wanted for their illness - but I can only imagine the worry this woman's family (with the exception of her husband... Read More »

Is it allowed for an ugly guy like me, to ask questions in the Beauty section?

Sorry Beauty and Style (I suppose it isn't a good idea to call this section B & S for short). We let Markyyy out to play today, and one of us lost track of him.Come on back, Markyyy. R & S logic on... Read More »

Whats the worst advice you have seen given in this section?

I don't think this is the worst, but its the most recent one i can remember...yesterday someone asked about cleaning a pacifier with mouthwash..someone suggest bleach and water... ugh!