Should my friend be happy that she doesnt have cancer?

Answer There is no “should” when it comes to how someone feels.Getting MS is horrible, but she isn’t going to die in 2 years. It will however take a good 10-15 off her life unless we can find better... Read More »

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My best friend doesnt shave her armpits!?

I think its good that you are concerned about your friend.. it shows how good of a friend you are..if it were me i would tell her straight forward..and if she says well i don't mind.. then don't mi... Read More »

What can you smoke that doesnt give you cancer?

nothing. you can't stop getting cancer if you smoke.

My best friend doesnt not qualify for the FAFSA because she is not a citizen/resident and she has horrible ...?

The only thing I could think of is to try to get a grant that she doesn't need to pay back. Community colleges sometimes offer scholarships, at least mine do, and may cover her entire tuition. You ... Read More »

My girl friend keeps getting and erasing my email I change passwords it doesnt help please help me?

Create a password using both alpha and numeric characters.Then, get a new girlfriend.