Should my family purchase an inkjet or laser printer?

Answer As a rule of thumb if you print more than 100-200 pages per month you will be better off with a Laser Printer. Laser printer prices, particularly monochrome (black and white) models have become ve... Read More »

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Which printer should I choose Inkjet, bubblejet laser etc epson hp canon?

I had Epson and it constantly left banding (lines across the paper). I told a friend who had an Epson and found he was having the same problem. I switched to HP. I've got a HP Photosmart all in one... Read More »

What's better a laser printer, a dotmatrix printer or an inkjet printer?

For Black&White prints, top of the line printers ( = fastest+high quality): - LASER - high quality & high speed. - Ink - high quality & moderate speed. - Dot Matrix - moderate quality&moderate spee... Read More »

Which Printer is more economic to run, Inkjet or Laser Printer. My requirement is about 150 pages p.m.?

If you are going to print 150 pages every month, then you should go with a Laser printer. Not a very heavy duty one, but one of the more economic laser printer versions. Inkjet, will be extremely c... Read More »

How to Decide Whether to Buy an Inkjet Printer or a Laser Printer?

Trying to decide whether to buy an inkjet printer or a laser printer is a problem that people frequently run into when buying a new printer. The solution lies in knowing what the printer is needed ... Read More »