Should my dentist have prescribed me antibiotics?

Answer my dentist would have done the same, I don't often agree with doctors and dentists to be honest though.

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Is it normal to have an infected impacted wisdom tooth pulled without any antibiotics prescribed before or after the extraction?

Answer It can be done without antibiotics before (had all four of mine pulled without them, and two were infected) but they should give you something to take afterwards to treat the infection. If n... Read More »

If you ovulated last week and hoped to have conceived and this week have been prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection would you be safe to take them?

Answer The best person to ask is either your doctor who prescribed them or the pharmacist who dispensed them.The sheet that came with them should also give contraindications/precautions.

what kind of antibiotics are prescribed for this condition?

6 Sep 2009 Sorry, I need more information. The antibiotic of choice will depend on what type of bacteria has caused the lung infection.

What kind of antibiotics are prescribed for a urinary tract infection?

The most commonly used antibiotics for urinary infections are the quinolones, which include Ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin, etc. Bactrim is also commonly prescribed and it contains Sulfamethoxazole an... Read More »