Should my cheat day be over my calorie limit?

Answer Because you eat 1200 calories a day I am thinking you want to loose weight? Cheat days are alright, on cheat days dont count calories, eat what you want to in moderation and practice portion contro... Read More »

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My girl has cheated on me for 2months. and i have not got over that. SHOULD I CHEAT ON her 2?

no leave the ***** once a cheater always a cheater

If i eat a high carb diet & don't exercise but stay within my daily calorie limit, will i gain fat?

Yes, the carbs will turn into fat if not used. To deny your body carbs or limit them drastically will cause the body to burn existing fat because it has no carbs to burn. That is why high calorie l... Read More »

Should i eat how much my calorie counter says i should?

Yea i have the same app , u shud eat it and also wen u eat , there is also a part where u write how much and what exercise u did, and they re-plan ur calories :))

I'm looking for low calorie homemade recipes for stir fry.. The pre made sauces are so fatty and high calorie?

Start with a broth base (veggie, beef, chicken, or whatever you like - water can be substituted but it will be less flavorful) and mix in as much minced garlic and ginger as you would like, some ch... Read More »