Should my Dad HAVE to help pay for collegeI'm 16?

Answer He is legally obligated to you til your 18 and it should be for more than $50 every three weeks. Your mom needs to file for a modification.And he can't take you away unless your being abused or neg... Read More »

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What should i make to eat, please help i have 15 mins before i have to go to the store?

grilled cheese sandwiches are always good!but of course, what you make depends on the occasion. if its just for you, or a family dinner, or maybe a themed pot-luck.but i like grilled cheese sandwic... Read More »

Help! i have constipation and I don't know if I should go to the doctor yet as I have had it for about 4 days.?

Drinking more water during the day will help you get rid of constipation. The effectiveness of your digestive system depends quite a bit upon the absorption of water and the amount of fluids in you... Read More »

"An SMS message should have a valid FROM number, and yours doesn't have it." Please help :((?

Same here, I think the problem is with the Airtel Operators only..Get well Soon my Fb..! ;)Edit : Try Now, It's working here since 11:26 PM IST.

I have $150.. What should I buy HELP?

if i were you i would think about investing in something like a savings acount.