Should marijuana be legal?

Answer It should be legal. It's far less damaging than alcohol or cigarettes, which are both legal.

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Yes or no. Should marijuana be legal?

well, I haven't done so in years and years, but I think what the heck, make it legal, I mean I have never seen a stoner speeding!! If anything they would be safer on the roads >LOL

Should doctors be punished for prescribing marijuana in states where it is legal?

No. If no laws are broken, they should not be punished.

Is legal bud the same as marijuana?

Legal herbal incense, or legal bud, is not the same as marijuana. The herbal incense is sprayed with chemicals that react like TCH, the active ingredient in marijuana. There is controversy over the... Read More »

Is it legal to take marijuana on a airplane?

go ahead just don't shout it out and don't put it in you carry-ons. ...and if you're stopping by north carolina give me a call ;)